Monday, 29 March 2010

A New Beginning =D

Start of our last term now! Second year almost over, and we've been given a new brief.
We've been given a choice between three briefs.

a) To work with BA students on their last projects.
b) To work with RaveLive students, making idents or a 30second short film.
c) To find an external client.

I've decided to work on brief (C) since it gives a wider range to work with. I'm going to be working along side Laura. Since we talk almost everyday, cooperating will be much easier. To go ahead with this brief I've contacted friends,friends friends and even family over-broad. (Family members over-broad HAVE mentioned doing adverts and such for their past clients or friends within the industry in asia.) However, after further research, I discussed the issue with Laura, and have decided choosing a client closer to us would be more convenient since we only have a few weeks to work on this project.

"After hunting around for a little while with people we know for contacts, I recalled a friend asking for some promotional material (simple things, like a 3D logo) for his band, and figured why the hell not?"

So we contacted the client right after discussing our plans for the project. Pete, our client then replied we should meet up to brainstorm ideas. We met in 2 members of the band on Saturday, it lasted a few hours. As an overall result we have decided:

*2D characters and crowds
*Built in a 3D environment with special effects.
*Terracotta colour palette to resemble the God of War 3 Trailer

Our clients are looking for something that may resemble the Guitar/Rock Band look.
The key words they'd like us to work with are::
LAZY, Drunk, Groovy, Fun

We've been given rough recordings to work with. The clear tracks have already been recorded in a professional studio, but their currently working on the editing so, we have to wait till around the end of the month for it. But thats ok, since its pretty much the same as the rough version.

Here are the bands official online bases:!/pages/ZOCALO/90534285560?ref=ts

I will be working on the character designs for now.
We're aiming to get a 30sec test rendered by the end the 22nd of April. The 3D elements such as the Logo will be done in maya, then converted into aftereffects where the title sequence will be animated in style. For the 2D element, we plan to use Flash.

Things to be done during the first week:
*Gant Chart
*Character Designs
*Compositing 2D and 3D elements from the two softwares together.

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