Monday, 5 April 2010

the vectored characters outcome..

Great for a test =D Was very nice working so simplified!!
I posted the images onto facebook and wrote ...

""vector test 001.
- since Im having problems drawing the angles of the hands, I thought doing a vector test would make things so much easier to work out =D

- Dont look too bad without an outline... could use this to speed time up actually.. instead of colouring everyting in bit by bit =O""


After showing our client, Pete commented::

""you could leave kinda scratchy outline around the characters if ya like, make it look a bit messy :)""

For the second image i wrote...


Finished test!!^^

Now to vector everyone else and work out these camera angles!!

What do you guys think of it?? I kinda miss thick outlines.. outlines bring out the angry-ness .. xD

Maybe a ...street fighter outline? MORE ROUGHT BRUSH STROKES!^^

Gna do more tests ~~""

Pete then replied::

""I like the idea of some more outlines, looks a bit Southparky to me ( dun like southpark ) nothing worng with it being a bit streefighterish, the song is gonna be pretty agressive that your using.""

""Sweet!! I'm so excited to see the end result :D""

So basically, we've decided to give the characters more detail, since our client asks for more detail, and time is ticking, less animating will be needed. If we continue animating as we plan it the scene will become too busy, therefore me and Laura have bot decided to use more still images then actual animation since we will have a moving sky plus special effects produced in after effects.

Things to do::

-Edit character designs
-Further technical research

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